The Anthropocene Surge -

evolution, expansion and depth of Vienna’s urban environment

The interdisciplinary research project funded by the WWTF (Vienna Science and Technology Fund) aims to explore the growth of the Anthropocene signal in the urban environments of Vienna.

The Anthropocene Surge refers to the accelerating growth of urban deposits under cities such as Vienna from pre-historic and historic to recent times, caused by a combination of human and geological forces.

Combining natural sciences, social sciences and art within this project, it is regarded as a unique chance for a holistic view on the Anthropocene and its stratigraphy.



Geological Map of Vienna

The first geological map of Vienna by Eduard Suess (1862) already included anthropogenic deposits ("Schuttdecke") (taken from: Suess, E., 1862. Der Boden der Stadt Wien nach seiner Bildungsweise, Beschaffenheit und seinen Beziehungen zum Bürgerlichen Leben. Wien, Wilhelm Braumüller, 326 pp.)


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